Furry Friend Trend..

The Ideal Working Companion

Over lock-down and beyond more and more people’s working arrangements have changed. Either by being furloughed, made redundant or permanently or temporarily, working from home.  Those usually away from their home for long periods of time have now found themselves at home more. It seems for most, there is a trend in having a furry friend. 

The Furry Friend Trend?

Man’s faithful friend has now become a bit of a fashion / household accessory with the growing attention.  Posts on social media, the rich and famous being seen accompanied by their pampered pouches. This popularity has meant the price of dogs has doubled and for some breeds, tripled.  All good so far eh?  Not quite. 

Colder Days Are Approaching..

The nights are drawing in, the mornings getting darker and the weather colder.  Getting early in the morning to take the dog out or going for that evening stroll isn’t quite so pleasant.  To many, this doesn’t seem quite as idyllic as it did two months ago.  The once cute puppy is now the human equivalent of a lively teenager. In which they may not want to be confined to four walls for eight hours a day.  Bored dogs will find something to occupy them, which is often destruction and antisocial behaviour to get your attention.

So what about the pups?

This means, that in the next few months it is predicted that there will be a record number of dogs looking for new homes.

So, if you want to give a dog a home, do your research, don’t be part of the Furry Friend Trend.  Myself, Tasha and Marianne at Gazelle all have taken on someone’s unwanted pets. In which we all agree, the rewards have been amazing.  I am now on my 10th rehome.  I’ve had Bullmastiffs, Springer Spaniels, a Border Terrier, and more recently a Scottish Deerhound and a Cocker Spaniel. Over the next few weeks we are going to bring those pooch lovers amongst you stories of the dogs we have rehomed.

Watch this space …