First Week With Frankie

Animal Lover

Since a young age I’ve always grown up with pets and am an avid animal lover. The companions have been so vast ranging from cats, birds, rabbits, horses, mice, iguanas and mans’ best friend – dogs. Having grown up with dogs has been a blessing and I couldn’t imagine not having a furry friend in my life. 12 months’ ago we abruptly lost our 7 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Leah which, as always when losing a furry family member, was devastating. We couldn’t even envision not seeing her happy face each day.

A Lucky Intoduction

Over the recent months it’s been more apparent that we were missing a furry friend in our lives. With the increase of changing working arrangements, buying a pet has become extremely popular. Therefore, leading to the price for a puppy increasing to record highs. So, this encouraged us  to consider rehoming a dog. We were lucky enough to receive a text with the most lovely little friend.

Our First Meeting

A little about Frankie;  he is an 8 month old gorgeous blue Staffy, who had to be rehomed due to unforeseen circumstances. Frankie didn’t have the easiest start in life and had to have surgery as a puppy. However, this hasn’t deterred his love of life. As soon as we walked through the door to meet Frankie I was hit with an enormous amount of energy. He also had the fastest moving tail I have seen in a while! Within a few days we made the decision that we wanted him!

First Week With Frankie

It was been a fun one for sure, filled with mostly ups and a little downs. We’re lucky his previous family took care of him extremely well, so he was fully house trained, great on a lead and also knew a few tricks! Frankie loves being outside, as he spent a vast amount of time in a cage during the day – as he likes to chew! With the beautiful weather we’ve had it’s been a great chance for Frankie to explore the outdoors.

He loves to chew, anything really left in reach. From pillows, cushions, carpets, blankets, socks and shoes of course (sliders are his favs). Sure, he’s had plenty of time outs in the last week but Frankie is a fast learner –  it also helps to have some treats to hand too!

The Best Decision

We have a lot of training and learning ahead, but we’re extremely excited for the journey. There are many dogs being welcomed into homes due to current circumstances and we sincerely hope these homes last. We can be certain that Frankie has made a home for life here and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future with Frankie!